Friday, May 27, 2011

James Durbin, American Idol Season 10's Metal God, Visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show

When James Durbin was voted off American Idol Season 10 at the Top 4 Results Show, it came as a shock to many people -- including Ellen! She invited him to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his Idol experience, his unprecedented homecoming and why he has become an inspiration to so many.

A true James fan, Ellen said, "I was heartbroken you were sent home. I don't understand it. And really, early on, I picked you to win the whole thing. I think you're amazing." Quite a ringing endorsement from this ex-Idol judge!

James Durbin Freak

"It's so special and so heartwarming to know that, not only am I going on the show (Idol) to fulfill my dream, but I'm also able to be a voice for people - for some people that feel that it's hard or are too afraid to speak up or to speak out. That it's okay to be different. That it's okay to be weird or a freak, or this and that. I embrace it. I'm freaky," said James. Adding, "Different's the new normal."

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